The boys

Logan and Laken are getting so big. Logan is in the 1st grande and loving every minute of it. Laken just turned 3yrs old and is full of life. The boys are so much fun and always learning something new. Logan loves to play with legos and anything that he can build or rearrange as well as the littlest pet shop. While Laken loves trucks, guns and tools. They both have great imaginations.

The time goes by so fast. I can remember when both boys were born. Bring them home the 1st day, thinking they would be small forever. Not knowing then the time would just fly by and they would be 7 and 3. Going to school, making new friends, and becoming kids. Little versons of myself and my husband. Wow how cool is that.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Now for our Christmas Day pictures. We had a great time and PLENTY of food. Thanks to everyone that brought something and of course thanks for all the nice gifts. I'm just glad that we are all able to spend these special days together. It means alot for me and my kids to have everyone together. Logan is always asking if we're having a party, he likes it when everyone is here. He asks who is coming and when can we have another party.

I'm alittle behind. So these are some of our Thanksgiving Day pictures. I hope that everyone had a great day.